LUKOV Plast spol s.r.o. is a dynamic company with over twenty years of history and production in the city of Český Dub

LUKOV Plast spol s.r.o. is a company with over twenty five years of history and production in the city of Český Dub. The company focuses on the development, manufacturing and assembly of plastic, metal and electronic components and sub-assemblies primarily for customers in the automotive industry.

LUKOV Plast currently has approximately 328 permanent employees and in 2017 it achieved a turnover of 859 mil. CZK (equivalent to 33,7 mil. EUR).

Our mission

We represent a reliable partner within the automotive industry. We offer quality and many years of experience. We meet the requirements of our customers. We never give up until the right solution is found. We always find an alternative solution.

Our vision

We want to become a leading supplier for the automotive industry. We want to evolve constantly, while maintaining the charm and ease of a medium-sized business.

Company History

  • 2015

    The construction of new logistics and assembly halls in Český Dub, size 2.600 m2, implementation of the MES system for the production management and planning

  • 2014

    The tool shop was equipped with new CNC machines

  • 2013

    A turnover of more than CZK 500 mil. equivalent to 20 mil. EUR was achieved

  • 2012

    The certification of the EMS system according to ISO 14001

  • 2011

    Annex of the warehouse and offices in Český Dub
    Awarded the prize "Company of the year 2011" for the 3rd place in the Liberec Region
    Awarded the prize "Responsible Company of the year 2011" in the Liberec Region

  • 2010

    Implementation of the SAP, centralisation of the production to the city of Český Dub, establishment of a new corporate identity, production launch of sun visors

  • 2009

    The factory and warehouse in Český Dub, size 2.600 m2, were constructed and the development base enlarged

  • 2007

    Extension of the production hall in Český Dub by 500 m2

  • 2006

    The facilities of the development department were increased (CATIA V5, 3D measurement device, etc.)

  • 2003

    Quality system Certification according to ISO TS 16949;
    Establishment of the development department, followed by the first development project

  • 2002

    Focus on the automotive industry

  • 1999

    Quality System Certification ISO 9001

  • 1997

    Change of the legal status, establishment of LUKOV Plast spol. s r.o.

  • 1996

    The production was extended by the plant in Liberec

  • 1992

    Foundation of the company by Ing. Vlastimil Lukeš - LUKOV, Český Dub