Sun visors

We manufacture components and complete the entire assemblies of sun visors for the automotive industry.

Sun visors

Sun visors are our main specialisation. We develop, design and deliver components and entire assemblies of sun visors for the automotive industry, including pre-development activities and continuous improvement.

Plastic parts

Injection moulded plastic parts are a major part of our portfolio of products. We carry out the production of plastic parts including the production ensurance of series production parts. We are able to mass produce parts  from several tenths of a gram up to a 5 kg weight of a piece. Thanks to many years of experience in plastic injection moulding we are able to offer technically high demanding parts, strengthening parts made of POM and special technologies.

Visible parts

We produce visible and grained parts for the interior of cars.

Precise technical parts

We produce technical parts, which are very demanding to produce as they require precise dimensions of moulding products.


Two-component parts

We have many years of experience in manufacturing two-component parts.

Parts with metal inserts

We inject moulding products with metal inserts that are used for various purposes.

Parts for electroplating

We produce parts for electroplating of the moulding surface which is very demanding as such parts require a very high level of cleanliness of the material and are very sensitive to any damage to the moulding´s surface.

Parts produced using GAS injection technology

By using the blowing GAS injection technology it is possible to reduce material costs for mouldings in high volumes up to 40%.

Exterior parts

Electro assemblies

We are able to develop electric solutions in accordance with customer requirements, which are afterwards implemented and tested according to standards that conform to the function and environment of this part.

Cooling unit

The part is fully and automatically completed on an assembly line. We use laser printing, ultrasonic welding, pressure testing and a 100% self-test of the electronics, which consists of 14 measurements. We produce more than 1 mil. pieces per year.