and measuring

We perform custom measurements and endurance tests according to your requirements

Custom measurements

Our technicians in measurement technologies are ready to offer you 3D CMM measurements or measurements on an optical microscope:
  • Measurements according to drawings or 3D models
  • Comparison of 3D measurements according to 3D model (IGS, Catia, STEP)
  • Comparison of 2D measurements according to the drawing (DWG)
  • Touch scan of the part´s surface
  • Non-contact laser scanning of the surface of the moulded parts
  • Measurement of products, tools, moulds
  • Cubing type measuring, fixtures
  • Establishment of the best fit, RPS and others
  • Issuing of measurement reports in text or graphic form
  • Ability to read the documentation of drawings
  • Selection of appropriate measuring methods as required

Custom testing

Based on your requirements, we are able to offer the accomplishment of development testing:
  • Environmental cycle tests in the CTS chamber  (-70°C to 180°C, with humidity control)
  • Heat aging tests in Memmert chambers (30°C to 280°C)
  • Tests on a universal testing machine (up to a load of 30kN)
  • The verification of the part´s colour and gloss according to VW50190
  • Horizontal burning behaviour tests according to TL1010
  • Electro-mechanical assembly tests (endurance tests, functional tests in the environment)
  • The development and the design of checking fixtures (endurance tests, installation, etc.).
  • The design, the development and the manufacturing of testing fixtures according to customer requirements
  • The knowledge of standards and tests in accordance with international standards EN, ISO, DIN, VW PV TL
  • Tests according to customer specifications

We only offer non-accredited testing