Development construction

During the development of the construction we use our vast experience in the production of injection moulded parts and the assembly of sub-assemblies. Our Development Centre in cooperation with experts and the technological optimisation of the developed solution in one place is our advantage. We also have several years of experience in the development of electro components.

Our qualified team of experts is ready to offer you
  • 3D construction of parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • The development of plastic and electro components, sub-assemblies and assemblies
  • Documentation of drawings
  • Technical documentation
  • Technological optimisation
  • SW Catia V5 R24 and SolidWorks 2014


Prototype parts

We offer the production of prototype moulds and also of parts from prototype moulds. With the ability to use materials designed for series production, the parts from prototype moulds gain the characteristics of serial products (strength, dimensional stability, etc.). The parts can be used for visualisation, testing and the evaluation of the ability to assemble the set, but they can also be used as fully functional components. The indisputable advantage is a rapid implementation (3 – 4 calendar weeks). The service life of these tools is up to 1000 pieces.

We produce prototype parts also using the FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modelling), which is designed for rapid production of high quality models from various materials. These models that are made in such manner can be used for visualisation; however, they are not suitable for mechanical testing (serial material is not used). The technology enables the implementation within one week.

Another technology for a rapid production of prototypes is vacuum moulding of thermosets with different mechanical properties into silicone moulds. These models can be used for visualisation and the subsequent preparation of process technologies such as varnishing (suspensions); they are not suitable for testing as they do not correspond to the serial material. The technology listed below enables the realisation in a period of 1-2 weeks.

  • Development of prototype parts
  • Production of prototype parts, assemblies and their optimization
  • Production of parts from prototype moulds
  • Ensuring the production of prototype moulds
  • Production of prototypes using the FDM technology (e.g., ABS Plus)
  • Vacuum casting into silicon moulds

Development tests

According to requirements we execute 
  • Environmental cycle tests in the CTS chamber
  • Heat aging tests in the Memmert chamber
  • Horizontal burning behaviour tests
  • Abrasion behaviour tests
  • Metrological evaluation of colour and gloss level on the spectrometer
  • Flexual strength tests on a universal tensile machine (60 kN)
  • Testing of electromechanical assemblies (endurance tests, functional testing in the environment)
  • Development and design of checking fixtures (endurance tests, cyclisation, etc.)
  • Design, development and manufacture of testing fixtures according to the tested parts
  • Knowledge of standards and automotive testing
  • Tests according to international standards EN, ISO, DIN
  • Tests according to customer specifications